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We offer a selection of custom-designed seminars and training services to assist clients in a variety of ways, using a friendly, interactive and informal approach. All presentations are done by June Curtice, President of Curtice Advertising and Design, who is experienced in working with large and small groups. Please phone to discuss possible topics and scheduling.
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Seminars Seminars for sales meetings, business conferences, or groups with special interest in marketing, business promotion, and Internet issues. Highly interactive, these seminars provide immediately useful information and guidance to attendees.
Brown Bag
A fun and informative way to work with groups of up to 25 where time is limited. These are available as single sessions or a series, depending on your needs and topic.
Sales Imaging These sessions are personalized and work best with no more than 3–6 participants. In some cases one-on-one sessions may be desirable. The sessions are not designed to teach selling. Their objective is to help your sales staff present themselves confidently and professionally, reflect the desired image of your company, and overcome any mannerisms or presentation tactics that might impact their success. Always done with a light, humorous touch, these sessions really work.
Executive Imaging This one is for the top members of a business or organization, the ones who most often publicly represent the business — and the ones no one else in the organization feels free to critique. Available only one-on-one, this session gently reflects back to the person any mannerisms, body language or speech patterns that could affect the image of the business, or the person's credibility with an audience. A practical investment prior to a major speech or conference.


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